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Client Centered

The VISTA Process is a comprehensive
approach to financial planning that integrates
wealth management with risk and debt
management, tax planning, estate planning,
and philanthropy. Our objective is to create a
customized plan that encompasses all aspects
of your financial life, enabling you to make
informed decisions as circumstances change.
Our risk management strategies are designed
to cover all potential outcomes, with ongoing
monitoring and adjustments to ensure your
plan stays on track. As an independent firm,
we are not obliged to sell proprietary products
or services and only offer investments we
believe are in your best interest.

We operate on a fee basis, ensuring our interests are aligned with yours. Additionally, Jeff
is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary, legally obligated to act in the best interests of our
clients. A vital aspect of the VISTA Process is working with your CPA, attorney, and other
professionals to develop a complete and sustainable plan for growing, protecting, and
transferring your wealth, ensuring you reach your full potential for financial independence.